It is unlikely in our latitudes ever accustomed Italian Christmas tradition associated with getting rid of old furniture by dumping it straight through the window. Firstly, it is dangerous, and secondly, not every year in the house can be found pieces of furniture, potentially suitable for this tradition, and seemingly outdated and tired sofa can be very useful for the further operation if the owners of the house did not know firsthand what the cleaning of furniture.

Cleaning leather furniture

Charla women’s magazine in this article will talk about what a cleaning of furniture as furniture cleaning should take place in the home, which means for cleaning the furniture is better to use, and what nuances associated cleaning leather furniture.

Cleaning cupboards, cabinets, chests and cleaning something can not be named. Here the problem is solved in a few minutes. However, cleaning of furniture made of wood has its own peculiarities. For example, the furniture made of walnut, perfectly purified composition of olive oil and red wine (1: 1), and then polish with a soft cloth, and mahogany furniture can be remarkably clean with a soft cloth dampened with burdock.

But cleaning upholstered furniture – this is a topic that deserves more attention. It happens that the sofa is in the apartment for years, and it seems that 10 years ago it was the same. The truth is revealed only when you see hidden from the eye areas upholstery, and you realize that the original favorite piece of furniture was still white, not grayish. The idea of cleaning the furniture begins to slowly creep into my head, and simultaneously analyzed options. Actually, the options are not so much: furniture cleaning professionals using and cleaning the furniture in the home.

Choose the appropriate option need not by tossing a coin, and considering all the features. We are talking about the features of pollution, especially fabrics, and, of course, features of geographic location. Indeed, sometimes a professional furniture cleaning just is not available, and it remains the only option. But if, nevertheless, significant contamination of furniture, upholstery should be treated with care, and it is possible to take advantage of the services of professionals, it makes sense to do it, because it is a professional cleaning of upholstered furniture give the most tangible result.

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