Cast-iron battery (radiators) are justly considered one of the most reliable components of elements to create hot water heating systems. Practice shows that they can serve up to 25 years, and sometimes up to 50. This is due to their high resistance to corrosion compared to other materials – aluminum, bronze, steel, and other bimetal.

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Among other advantages of the cast-iron batteries can also be mentioned the simplicity of mounting, the possibility of replacing only one section of the repair, the ability to cool slowly. And plays the role of the factor that the value of their relatively low.

Why cleaning cast iron panels?

However, during prolonged use, and when used in the high rigidity of water on the walls inside the battery scum occurs, which greatly impairs technical characteristics of the heating elements. According to experts, the sedimentary layer with a thickness of 3 mm reduces heat the battery by about 25 percent. But deposits can sometimes be 10-15 millimeters, ie, almost overlapping water circulation.

Chemical cleaning

For this reason, at least three times, the need to clean the heating system. The easiest way to do it without breaking the integrity of the heating system (without disassembling the battery into separate sections). Such a method is better suited for autonomous systems (installed in private households). This task is available with the use of some chemicals. In particular, it is recommended to use special household products available on the market, or caustic or soda ash.

For the chemical washing sorts suitable solvents, bases, solution composition, and various mineral and organic acid of low concentration. It is important to follow the instructions indicated on the packaging of chemicals. Otherwise (in excess concentration) can only harm the battery. Avoid using chemicals to clean aluminum radiators (unless specifically designed for this purpose).

A good cleaner is considered disodium edetate (its brand name in the market – Trilon B). It has the form of a white crystalline powder. The substance is not an oxidizer, so does not react with the metal. For minor sediments using vinegar essence, and even whey.

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